Class, Ny premiär!

Tre elever från ett fattigt område börjar på en exklusiv skola för Delhis välbärgade elit, där mörka hemligheter och rykten snart leder till mord. -Netflix

Class is a Indian young adult series adapted by Ashim Ahluwalia, Raghav Kakkar, and Kashyap Kapoor, featured on Netflix. The series is an adaptation of the popular Spanish series Elite created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona. This young adult series follows the tumultuous events that unfurl when two worlds collide, shaking up families, relationships and the lives of students from high-profile families.

Class har premiär på Netflix den 3 februari.

Freeridge, Ny premiär!

From the creators of On My Block, Freeridge is a coming of age comedy following sibling rivals Gloria and Ines and their friends Demi and Cameron who have unleashed a curse bringing dark misfortune into their lives. –

Freeridge, an On My Block spinoff series

Freeridge har premiär på Netflix den 2 februari.

Lockwood & Co., Ny premiär!

In London, the most talented teenage ghost-hunters journey nightly into dangerous combat with deadly spirits. Among the many adult-staffed corporate agencies, one small startup is alone: Lockwood & Co., operated by two teenage boys and a psychically gifted girl who are a renegade trio free of financial motives, adult supervision and destined to unravel a mystery that will change history’s course. –Wikipedia

Lockwood & Co. har premiär på Netflix den 27 januari.

Flickan i snön, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

När en liten flicka försvinner under en parad i Málaga bestämmer sig en ung tidningsreporter för att göra allt för att hjälpa hennes föräldrar att hitta henne. -Netflix

Miniserien Flickan i snön (Orig: La chica de nieve) har premiär på Netflix den 27 januari.

Fauda, Ny säsong!

Episode #4.1

Doron deals with his guilt over his teammate’s death and his anger for being thrown out of the unit.

Episode #4.2

Doron and the team, with the Brussles branch of the Mossad, start looking for Ayoub and Omar. Meanwhile in Israel, an outstanding policewoman named Maya gets a mysterious message from her brother Omar and finds herself a suspect of terrorist affiliation.

Episode #4.3

Doron and the team find Ayoub’s location in Brussles. Meanwhile, Maya is investigated by the Shabak about her ties to her brother, her husband Amos suspects she’s hiding something.


Säsong 4 av Fauda har premiär på Netflix den 20 januari.

That ’90s Show, Ny premiär!

Succéserien The 70’s Show kommer tillbaka i ett nytt format. Året är 1995 och Leia Forman, dotter till Eric och Donna, besöker sina morföräldrar under sommaren, där hon knyter sig till en ny generation Point Place-barn under Kittys vakande öga och Reds stränga blick. Sex, droger och rock ’n roll dör aldrig, de byter bara kläder. –

That ’90s Show har premiär på Netflix den 19 januari.

Sky Rojo, Ny säsong!

‘Sky Rojo’ Season 3 will take place six months after the final battle. Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Wendy (Lali Espósito), and Gina (Yany Prado) discover that peace is nothing more than that deceptive feeling between periods of terror. When their new life is blown to pieces, the girls understand that the past always returns and that if they ever really want to be free, they’ll have to bury it. Or bury Romeo (Asier Etxeandia) – same difference.
Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Wendy (Lali Espósito), and Gina (Yany Prado) begin to look forward to the chance of a new life in a distant seaside village after escaping with four million euros from their pimp. Far from the desire for vengeance of Romeo (Asier Etxeandia) and Moisés (Miguel ngel Silvestre). When they see the two hitmen appear again on the horizon, on the wide seas, on a peaceful day of sea fishing, far away from all the misery they have endured, they realize at a look that their win is only a partial triumph. You have the ability to resurrect. You can change your life, but you can’t forget your roots. Because the day you do, the past knocks on your door once more. –

Säsong 3 av Sky Rojo, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista har premiär på Netflix den 13 januari.

Vikings: Valhalla, Ny säsong!

Hunted and on the run, our legendary Vikings heroes are forced to test their ambitions and courage in worlds beyond the fjords of Scandinavia. –

Säsong 2 av Vikings: Valhalla har premiär på Netflix den 12 januari.

Dödens härskarinna, Ny premiär!

En hämndlysten kvinna som vill veta vem som dödade hennes man börjar avslöja det lilla samhällets djupaste och hemskaste hemligheter. -Netflix

Dödens härskarinna (Orig: Totenfrau, Eng: Woman of the Dead) har premiär på Netflix den 5 januari.

Ginny & Georgia, Ny säsong!

The second season of the show picks up right where the first season left off, with Ginny and Austin fleeing their house after they discover that their mother murdered her last husband. This is the same night Georgia’s fiancé is re-elected as mayor, and she is filled with joy at his success. In a clip released by Netflix, viewers can see how this goes from the best night of Georgia’s life to one of the worst. After finding out that her children have abandoned her, Georgia loses her cool and throws a poker at the wall. Ginny’s new insight into how far Georgia is willing to go to protect their family fundamentally changes her relationship with her mother. But knowing that her mom is a homicidal Lorelai Gilmore is the least of Ginny’s problems. She has normal teenage problems to deal with as well, like facing the fallout from her secret relationship with Marcus, and the ensuing rupture in her relationships with Max, Norah, and Hunter. Meanwhile, Georgia struggles with the realization that her children’s love for her might be conditional, dependent on them not finding out anything else about her bad-girl past. It remains to be seen what lengths Georgia will go to to keep her secrets now that one has slipped out. –

Säsong 2 av Ginny & Georgia har premiär på Netflix den 5 januari.