Bel-Air, Ny säsong!

Season two of Bel-Air picks up with Will at a crossroads in his life as a new figure comes into his life who challenges what he’s learned in Bel-Air and competes for control of his influence. He juggles this while navigating his home life with the Banks family and trying to rebuild the trust that was broken at the end of last season. We’ll see Will and Carlton’s brotherhood start to evolve as they grow closer, but still challenge each other about their differences. We’ll also see Hilary evolve as she becomes more of a boss in her influencer world and how that spills over into her relationship with Jazz, and also highlight the relatable struggles around Viv and Phil balancing marriage and family while trying to forge their own career paths and reconnect to the things that are important to them. –YouTube

Säsong 2 av Bel-Air har premiär på Peacock den 23 februari.

Säsong 1 finns att se på Amazon Prime Video, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 2 kommer att visas där.

Star Trek: Picard, Ny säsong!

In the epic, thrilling conclusion of Star Trek: Picard, a desperate message from a long-lost friend draws Starfleet legend Admiral Jean-Luc Picard into the most daring mission of his life, forcing him to recruit allies spanning generations old and new. This final adventure sets him on a collision course with the legacy of his past and explosive, new revelations that will alter the fate of the Federation forever. –

Säsong 3 av Star Trek: Picard, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista, har premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 17 februari.

Jack Ryan, Ny säsong!

Amazon’s official description for the upcoming chapter paints a very different season of Jack Ryan. ”In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan is working as a CIA case officer in Rome, when he is tipped off that the Sokol Project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years after it was thought to have been shut down. Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence, but things quickly go awry, and he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy. Accused of treason, with a Red Notice out for his arrest, Jack is forced to run from his own government, if he has any hope of uncovering the rogue faction before it’s too late. Crisscrossing Europe as he is hunted by former allies and new enemies alike, Jack races against the clock to stop the cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe.” –

In May 2022, before the release of the third season, it was confirmed the series would end after four seasons, possibly aiming for a 2023 date. A spin-off starring Michael Peña as Ding Chavez is in development.


Säsong 3 av Jack Ryan har premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 21 december.

Something From Tiffany’s, Ny premiär! (Film)

ngenting kan jämföras med den där magin och spänningen som uppstår i New York under julen – när gatorna fylls med flammande ljus, skyltfönster som glimrar och den där speciella lådan från Tiffany’s som helt kan förändra livets riktning för en person. Eller för flera. En enkel förväxling av gåvor får två pars vägar att korsas i kärlekskomedin med Zoe Deutch och Kendrick Smith Sampson. –

Filmen Something From Tiffany’s hade premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 9 december.

My Policeman, Ny premiär! (Film)

Set in 1950s Brighton, a gay policeman, Tom Burgess, marries schoolteacher Marion Taylor while being in a relationship with Patrick Hazlewood, a museum curator. The secret they share threatens to ruin them all. –Wikipedia

Filmen My Policeman har premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 4 november.

Thai Cave Rescue, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

TV series that chronicles the rescue of the 12 boys and their soccer coach, who were trapped for two weeks in flooded caves in Thailand during the summer of 2018. -Netflix

Miniserien Thai Cave Rescue har premiär på Netflix den 22 september.

Nyligen släppte Amazon Prime Video en dokumentärfilm om räddningsinsatsen.

The Good Fight, Ny säsong!

In the upcoming season of THE GOOD FIGHT, Diane feels like she’s going crazy, struggling with an uneasy sense of déjà vu, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, to voting rights, to Cold War aggressions returning. Meanwhile, the lawyers of Reddick & Associates wonder if the violence that they see all around them points to an impending civil war. –

Säsong 6 av The Good Fight, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista, har premiär på Paramount+ den 8 september.

Säsongerna 1-5 finns även att se på HBO Max, Viaplay & Amazon Prime Video, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 6 kommer visas där.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Ny premiär!

Epic drama set thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ’The Hobbit’ and ’The Lord of the Rings’ follows an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. –Imdb

Serien är främst baserad på appendixet från Sagan om ringen, vilket innehåller en diskussion om andra åldern. Av rättighetsskäl är serien inte en direkt fortsättning av Sagan om ringen– och Hobbit-trilogierna, men produktionen avsåg att efterlikna filmerna med liknande produktionsdesign och yngre versioner av karaktärer som förekommer där.[2]


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power har premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 2 september.