So Dumb It’s Criminal: Hosted by Snoop Dogg, Ny premiär!

Host Snoop Dogg, the legendary American rapper, songwriter, media personality, actor and businessman, shares his insights on some of the dumbest criminal antics ever caught on camera. Snoop is joined by many of today’s best comedians, including Tacarra Williams, who gained fame after appearing on ”Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level” in 2018. Snoop and Tacarra, the Clip DJ responsible for rolling in the funny moments, share the stage with a variety of celebrity comedian panelists. –

So Dumb It’s Criminal: Hosted by Snoop Dogg har premiär på Peacock den 20 april.

Young Rock, Ny säsong!

Unprecedented Fatherhood
As the 2032 election nears, Dwayne reflects on fatherhood in 1984, little Dewey vies for his father’s attention; in 1987, teenage Dwayne arrives in Nashville; in 1996, adult Dwayne struggles in the Canadian Football League. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 1)

Seven Bucks
Calgary, 1996: Dwayne struggles to find his footing on the Calgary Stampeders practice squad. Fearing he’ll be cut, he spends a life-changing day with a teammate. In 2032, an online troll threatens Dwayne’s presidential campaign. (säsong 2, avsnitt 2)


Säsong 2 av Young Rock har premiär på NBC den 15 mars.

Säsong 1 och julavsnittet (säsong 2, avsnitt 1 enligt Viaplay) finns att se på Viaplay, vilket med största sannolikhet betyder att resterande avsnitt också kommer visas där, men vet i skrivande stund inte exakt när.

Mr. Mayor, Ny säsong!

Move Fast and Break Things
Neil is excited to work with his new Innovation Team but gets sidetracked when he has to take Orly to the DMV for her permit test. Tommy and Mikaela become increasingly concerned about the I-Team’s new presence. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 2)

Mayor Daddy
Mikaela learns that her award for flattening the homelessness curve is based on a lie. With help, Mikaela works to make real change. Neil realizes that his excitement about the I-Team has caused his original staff to act out like children. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 3)

In the midst of a heat wave, Neil has a fling with Angelica, a prominent commercial actress. Tommy accidentally ruins the joy of Arpi’s scratch-off lottery habit, but helps her by revealing a secret hobby of his own. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 4)


Säsong 2 av Mr. Mayor har premiär på NBC den 15 mars.

Säsong 1 och julavsnittet (säsong 2, avsnitt 1) finns att se på Viaplay, vilket betyder med största sannolikhet att resterande avsnitt också kommer visas där, men vet i skrivande stund inte exakt när.

Transplant, Ny säsong!

TRANSPLANT — Pictured: ”Transplant” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

Transplant Season 2 picks up with Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (played by Hamza Haq) and his fellow residents reeling after Dr. Jed Bishop (John Hannah), the Chief of Emergency Medicine at York Memorial Hospital in Toronto, suffers a stroke. With everything at the hospital destabilized, the place that Bash had started to consider home suddenly feels precarious. As the team adjusts to new colleagues while dealing with the challenges of life, unexpected faces from the past leave Bash seriously doubting whether his transplant into this new world was successful. –

Säsong 2 av Transplant har premiär på C More den 8 mars.

Law & Order, Ny säsong!

Newly acquainted partners Detective Kevin Bernard and Detective Frank Cosgrove investigate the murder of a notorious entertainer. A dispute over throwing out a confession creates a rift in the District Attorny’s office. (Säsong 21, avsnitt 1)

Detectives Kevin Bernard and Frank Cosgrove investigate the murder of a congressional candidate. Assistant District Attorney’s Nolan Price and Samantha Maroun contend with an extremist plot hellbent on thwarting the candidate’s agenda by any means necessary. (Säsong 21, avsnitt 2)


After 12 years, the series was announced to be returning following the abandonment of its For the Defense spin-off.[…]


Serien visades ursprungligen mellan 1990-2010 men kommer nu, 12 år senare tillbaka med en ny säsong. Säsong 21 av Law & Order har premiär på NBC den 24 februari.

Wolf helped establish the current trend of drama franchises that live in an integrated character universe with the series staging frequent crossovers. The other two current Law & Order series, SVU and Organized Crime have done it several times already, and SVU also has crossed over with the Chicago franchise. With the mothership Law & Order joining the two spinoff for a Law & Order branded Thursday night on NBC, potential crossovers are definitely in the cards, Eid said.

“I think crossovers have been very successful in the Dick Wolf universe, in the Chicago universe and FBI universe. They are a fan favorite,” he said. “So there’s a chance there will be a three part or a two part Law & Order crossover somewhere along the way. So anything is possible in this universe.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime till C More!

Säsong 2 av Law & Order: Organized Crime hade premiär i USA den 23 september, men får nu sin svenska premiär på C More med start den 11 januari.

Ni kan läsa mer i inlägget nedan. ⬇️

Kenan, Ny säsong!

Kenan’s second season will spotlight more of its supporting characters, like Kenan’s brother Gary (played by Chris Redd), which Thompson fully supports because it both takes some of the pressure off of him and gives his castmates a chance to shine. “We all have our individual careers that we are pursuing at the same time, so it’s nice to see everybody get that opportunity,” he shares. The show began with a more serialized concept before landing on the episodic format, giving audiences a chance to drop in at any time. The new season leans further into that as Kenan explores life as a widower, taking on new challenges such as dating apps, which fans will see in the season premiere.[…] –

Säsong 2 av Kenan har premiär på NBC den 3 januari.

Young Rock: A Christmas Peril, Ny premiär!

YOUNG ROCK — ”A Christmas Peril” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Uli Latukefu as Dwayne, Adrian Groulx as Dwayne, Bradley Constant as Dwayne — (Photo by: Mark Taylor/NBC)

In a spin on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the three younger versions of Johnson (played by Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu) are visited by their older selves and a certain giant while learning the true meaning of Christmas. “Sometimes you get the Cabbage Patch Kid that you wanted, and sometimes you get its horrifying knockoff version, the Radish Baby,” says executive producer Jeff Chiang. “It’s all about appreciating what you have.” –

OBS: Hittar tyvärr ingen officiell trailer

Likt Mr. Mayor kommer även Young Rock tillbaka med en ny säsong under nästa år, men vi får även här ett specialavsnitt/julspecial att njuta av tills dess.Young Rock: A Christmas Peril har premiär på Viaplay den 20 december.