B Positive, Ny säsong!

Drew Dunbar’s girlfriend will look a little different upon her return from Switzerland.
Rosa Salazar, who previously recurred as Adriana during Season 1 of B Positive, is not returning for Season 2 of the CBS sitcom, TVLine has confirmed. As revealed in newly released photos from the Thursday, Oct. 21 episode, CBS Diversity Showcase alumnus Michelle Ortiz will take over the role of Drew’s significant other — but is their relationship long for this world? As previously reported, Season 2 of B Positive will undergo a creative revamp. In the wake of the kidney transplant that ended Season 1, the series will turn its focus largely to Annaleigh Ashford’s Gina, who has made it her mission to improve the lives of the elderly residents at Valley Hills Assisted Living, where Drew’s former dialysis nurse Gideon (Darryl Stephens) is now employed as head of nursing. Thomas Middleditch’s Drew, meanwhile, is “struggling with a strange new feeling,” according to the official logline. “Post-surgery, he’s convinced he’s in love with Gina.” –Tvline.com

Säsong 2 av B Positive har premiär på CBS den 14 oktober.

SEAL Team, Ny säsong!

Bravo is shocked when they learn a training exercise is really cover for a covert mission to get a weapons expert out of one of the most dangerous countries in the world. (säsong 5 avsnitt 1)

When Bravo’s operation is compromised, they must figure out how to escape undetected from one of the most dangerous countries in the world. (säsong 5 avsnitt 2) –Imdb

SEAL Team säsong 5 har premiär på CBS den 10 oktober. Efter avsnitt 4 flytta serien permanent till plattformen Paramount+

Säsong 1-4 finns att se på Viaplay, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 5 kommer dit eller till Paramount+ även i Sverige.

NCIS: Los Angeles, Ny säsong!

After wrongly assuming an argument between two ‘soccer moms’ had simply gotten out of hand, the footage zooms in to confirm Zasha is back in the picture. Moreover, rival agent and Callen’s ex-girlfriend Joelle Taylor (Elizabeth Bogush) seems to be the one who initiated the confrontation. Zasha nearly managed to sabotage the team last season as Callen was framed for being a Russian spy.  Just before he rendezvoused with a captain who could prove his innocence, he was poisoned and Zasha fled the scene.
However, Joelle appears to have beaten the NCIS to the punch and kidnapped the Russian agent in her desperate search for answers. Unfortunately, her unorthodox tactics could land her in hot water with her CIA superiors. 
New agent Devin Roundtree notes: “That’s pretty brave trying to pull this off in broad daylight.” Callen explains: “She’s desperate.” When Fatima asks what for, he clarifies: “Revenge.” –Express.co.uk

Säsong 13 av NCIS: Los Angeles har premiär på CBS den 10 oktober.

The Equalizer, Ny säsong!

Just as McCall considers ending her work as The Equalizer, she’s pulled back in when she takes on Detective Marcus Dante as a new client who needs her help to find an untraceable group of bank robbers. (säsong 2 avsnitt 1) –Imdb

McCall finds herself in the crosshairs of a foreign government’s intelligence agency when her friend Mira, a diplomat’s daughter, seeks McCall’s help to find her missing brother. Also, Dante faces suspicion from a fellow detective newly tasked by the district attorney to find the vigilante knows as the Equalizer. (säsong 2 avsnitt 2) –Imdb

Säsong 2 av The Equalizer har premiär på CBS den 10 oktober.

Young Sheldon, Ny säsong!

Viewers will be treated to ”a small time jump around Episode 7”, when Sheldon begins his second semester of college, Molaro told TVLine.
”[There will be] new classes, new professors and new situations [that] Sheldon is not prepared to handle,” he added.
As for Sheldon’s older brother Georgie, he’ll be thinking a lot about life after high school.
”[He] is going to make a decision that will affect the entire family,” Molaro teased.

Molaro also clarified how the spinoff will tie into the original show, The Big Bang Theory.
While the first episode back won’t feature an Easter egg similar to the one in season four — a surprise Amy Farrah Fowler cameo — Molaro promised ”a few exciting Easter eggs scattered throughout the season”, beginning with ”the origin of Sheldon’s disdain for engineering”. –Digitalspy.com

Säsong 5 av Young Sheldon har premiär på CBS den 7 oktober.

Bull, Ny säsong!

The latest season of ’Bull’ will see more emphasis on Dr Bull’s personal life rather than a new client case each week. According to co-showrunner Nichole Millard, the upcoming season marks a massive change. “I think [co-showrunner] Kathryn [Price] and I would feel comfortable saying [Bull’s] whole character journey is one of control that is kicked off in our first episode of the season when his child is taken from him, which is obviously the most primal loss of control, right? To be able to protect your family.” Millard added: “And then we’ll see that idea of control for him personally threatened in various ways throughout the season. And the end will be how he can get back to equilibrium and maybe change a little on the way.” The official synopsis reads: ”Bull and the TAC team must call upon all of their collective experience to locate Bull’s kidnapped daughter; Bull begins to suspect the captor is someone connected to his past.” –Meaww.com

Säsong 6 av Bull har premiär på CBS den 7 oktober.

CSI: Vegas, Ny premiär!

The sequel to CBS’s global hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Vegas will include original cast members William Petersen and Jorja Fox and premieres this fall airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS and the CBS app.
CSI: Vegas opens a brand-new chapter in Las Vegas, the city where it all began, where Petersen and Fox will join forces with a new team lead by Paula Newsome. Facing an existential threat that could bring down the entire Crime Lab and release thousands of convicted killers back onto the neon-lit streets of Vegas, a brilliant new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) must enlist the help of old friends, Gil Grissom (William Petersen), Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), and David Hodges (Wallace Langham). Roby’s team is made up of Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria), Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon), and Hugo Ramirez (Mel Rodriguez). This combined force will deploy the latest forensic techniques to do what they do best—follow the evidence—in order to preserve and serve justice in Sin City. –Film-book.com

It is a sequel epilogue of the long-running series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and will be the fifth series in the CSI franchise. The series is set to star William Petersen and Jorja Fox as Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, reprising their roles from CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationWallace Langham also reprises his role as David Hodges, while Paula NewsomeMatt LauriaMel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon portray new characters. Paul Guilfoyle will guest-star in two episodes to reprise his role as Jim Brass.


CSI: Vegas är en av många uppföljare till CSI och skulle egentligen ha börjat visas på CBS redan i oktober förra året för att fira att det då hade gått 20 år sedan ursprungsserien såg dagens ljus. På grund av den pågående Covid 19-pandemin är premiären dock framflyttad till den 6 oktober i år.

Blue Bloods, Ny säsong!

Danny consults a psychic to solve the murder of a young boy; Frank is at odds with the mayor over how best to protect the city from an uptick in crime following a high-profile shooting; Erin investigates a decades-old case.(Säsong 12 avsnitt 1) –Imdb

Säsong 12 av Blue Bloods har premiär på CBS den 1 oktober.

Magnum P.I., Ny säsong!

Titled ’Island Vibes’, the official synopsis of the pilot episode reads: ”As Magnum tries to keep his new relationship a secret and handles cases solo while Higgins is away, he is tasked with finding a single mom being hunted by two very dangerous gangs. Also, while Higgins is abroad with Ethan, a misstep forces her to assist an old employer, and Rick gets some bad, but also very, very good news, on the fourth season premiere.” Last we saw, Magnum bid a heartfelt goodbye to Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) a tender farewell, as his sleuthing partner left to accompany Ethan (Jay Ali) on his six-month Doctors Without Borders gig in Kenya. The goodbye was laden with unexpressed emotions, In fact, Rick, T.C. even nudges Magnum to tell Higgins how he felt about her. –Meaww.com

Säsong 4 av Magnum P.I. har premiär på CBS den 1 oktober .

Säsongerna 1-3 finns att se på Viaplay, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 4 kommer dit.