S.W.A.T., Ny säsong!

During a trip to Bangkok to train alongside Thailand’s premiere S.W.A.T. team, Hondo and his former military buddy Joe stumble upon a wide-ranging heroin operation with ties to Los Angeles and find themselves on the run from a powerful drug kingpin. (Säsong 6 avsnitt 1) –Swatcbs.fandom.com

[…] Moreover, the second episode is titled “Thai Another Day,” which is scheduled to release on October 14, 2022, and the title of the third episode is “Woah Black Betty,” which was released on October 21, 2022. 


Säsong 6 av S.W.A.T. har premiär på Viaplay den 10 oktober.

S.W.A.T, Ny säsong!

Entitled Vagabundo, the start of season five sees Hondo take a trip to Mexico to try and work out what he wants from his future.The conclusion of season four saw the main character speak out about the racism happening within the police force. He thought this would lead to his dismissal but rather the head honchos decided to demote him and put someone else in charge. This person will be Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson), who is a third-generation SWAT officer with more than enough experience to take on the role.However, this is not the life Hondo wanted for himself and as his employees aren’t going to fire him, the beloved character has to think hard about what he does want. Despite thinking Mexico could be an oasis from his life back in the states, Hondo can’t help but get drawn into the drama. Hondo takes a shine to a local Mexican family but he soon discovers they are in the midst of a fight for justice.Executive producer Shawn Ryan had a specific meaning in mind for this episode, with the theme of a classic film being explored.With Hondo venturing to Mexico, the showrunner said he wanted to incorporate the ’Man With No Name’ cowboy classics. Back in Los Angeles, the team still be trying to get their heads around why the police station was bombed.As the characters put their heads together, James Street (Alex Russell) and Chris Alonso’s (Lina Esco) relationship will develop.Whether romance will continue to blossom is yet to be seen as the love life of characters never work out in television dramas.However, Chris will be wrapped up in another storyline as she and Deacon Kay (Jay Harrington), end up on private security detail. –Express.co.uk

Säsong 5 av S.W.A.T har premiär på CBS den 1 oktober.

Säsongerna 1-4 finns att se på Viaplay, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 5 kommer att visas där.

EDIT: säsong 5 HAR premiär på Viaplay kl 20.00 den 2 oktober.

Lista: CBS renewed & cancelled inför 2022!

1) Blue Bloods (säsong 12)

2) Bull (säsong 6)

3) The Equalizer (säsong 2)

4) FBI (säsong 4)

5) FBI: Most Wanted (säsong 3)

6) Magnum P.I. (säsong 4)

7) NCIS (säsong 19)

8) NCIS: Los Angeles (säsong 13)

9) S.W.A.T (säsong 5)

10) Young Sheldon (säsong 5, 6 & 7)


CBS har valt att avslutad Seal Team och Evil, men båda serierna har haft turen med sig och Paramount+ har valt att köpa rättigheterna så att serierna får ytterligare säsonger. Men alla serier har inte haft samma tur, ta en titt på listan nedan.

1) All Rise (2019-2021 – 2 säsonger)

2) The Unicorn (2019-2021 – 2 säsonger)

3) MacGyver (2016-2021 – 5 säsonger)

4) NCIS: New Orleans (2014-2021 – 7 säsonger)

5) Mom (2013-2021 – 8 säsonger)