Lista: 8 serier som inte kommer tillbaka under 2023

1) Step Up: High Water (2018-2022 – 3 säsonger)

In December 2022, the series was canceled after three seasons. –Wikipedia

2) Fate: The Winx Saga (2021-2022 – 2 säsonger)

In November 2022, the series was canceled after two seasons. –Wikipedia

3) 1899 (2022 – 1 säsong)

The creators had ideas for two more seasons, but the show was cancelled in January 2023. –Wikipedia

4) Tom Swift (2022 – 1 säsong)

In June 2022, it was canceled after one season. –Wikipedia

5) Power Book V: Influence

Power Book V: Influence is a spin-off of Power. It is a sequel to the original series following Rashad Tate in the political world. However, in August 2022, it was officially cancelled. –

Starz has closed the book on one of its previously announced Power spinoffs.
Influence, which would have centered on slippery politician Rashad Tate as he continued “his cutthroat quest for power,” is no longer in development at the cable network, TVLine has confirmed.

6)  Gossip Girl (2021-2023 – 2 säsonger)

In January 2023, the series was cancelled after two seasons. –Wikipedia

7) NCIS: Los Angeles (2009-2023 – 14 säsonger)

On January 20, 2023, it was announced that the series would end after the current fourteenth season, with the series finale airing on May 14, 2023. –Wikipedia

8) One of Us Is Lying (2021-2022 – 2 säsonger)

In January 2023, the series was canceled after two seasons –Wikipedia

En av oss ljuger, Ny säsong!

Simon Says Game On
We’re back at Bayview High School to witness the aftermath of Jake’s death. A new mysterious source threatens to expose ”Murder Club” (säsong 2 avsnitt 1)

Simon Says Tick Tock
Simon Says blackmails Murder Club with a surprising demand, Janae reveals a huge secret, and Jake haunts Addy from beyond the grave. Meanwhile, Vanessa holds a rally for Jake. (säsong 2 avsnitt 2)

Simon Says Let’s Get Personal
Simon Says’ demands are becoming excruciatingly personal as each of Murder Club receive different orders that send them spinning. A stranger from Jake’s past surfaces. Janae opens up to Addy. (säsong 2 avsnitt 3)


Säsong 2 av En av oss ljuger (Orig: One of Us Is Lying) har premiär på Netflix den 16 november.

En av oss ljuger, Ny premiär!

En kvarsittning för samman fem mycket olika ungdomar, men det är det efterföljande mordet och dess tillhörande hemligheter som får dem att fortsätta hålla ihop. -Netflix

En av oss ljuger (Orig: One of Us Is Lying) har premiär på Netflix den 18 februari.

Serien hade premiär på Peacock i oktober och blev under januari förnyad för en säsong 2.