Mary J Blige’s: My Life, Ny premiär! (Dokumentärfilm)

Grammy-winning recording artist and actress Mary J. Blige reveals the demons and blessings that inspired her 1994 LP ’My Life,’ and celebrates the 25th anniversary of her most influential work by performing the album live for the first time. –Imdb

Dokumentärfilmen Mary J Blige’s: My Life har premiär på Amazon Prime video den 25 juni.

A League of Their Own, Ny premiär!

The series ”follows brand-new characters and begins with the formation of the league in 1943 and follows the league and its players as they fight to keep it alive through close games, injuries, sexual awakenings and road trips across a rapidly changing U.S.” –Wikipedia

A League of Their Own har premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 12 augusti.

Laura Pausini – Pleasure to meet you, Ny premiär! (Dokumentärfilm)

Laura Pausini: Pleasure to Meet You—it’s the movie that retraces the Laura’s life in a wholly original way. Through never-seen-before footage of her real and fictional life, the artist shows us her essence, giving an honest and bold analysis of her life and how it could have been without that victory at Sanremo that, in 1993, changed her destiny forever. –

Dokumentärfilmen Laura Pausini – Pleasure to meet you hade premiär på Amazon Prime Video den 7 april.