The Outsider, Cancelled!

The Outsider som är baserad på boken med samma namn av Stephen King har blivit avslutad efter enbart 1 säsong av HBO.
Det finns dock en chans att andra bolag är intresserad av att plocka upp serien för en säsong 2.

”Though HBO has not renewed the series, King stated that scripts for a second season have been written, and the cast and crew have expressed interest in continuing the series.[4][5][6] In November 2020, HBO passed on a second season, with production company MRC to shop the series to other outlets.[7]


Your Honor, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

The series is a legal thriller that rips through all strata of New Orleans society. Bryan Cranston will star as a respected judge whose son is involved in a hit-and-run that leads to a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices. – Wikipedia

Your Honor som är baserad på den israeliska serien Kvodo (Hebrew: כבודו‎) har premiär på Showtime den 6 december.

MacGyver, Ny säsong!

”Codex is still a threat,” warns exec producer Monica Macer of the nefarious organization that operative Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) and the secret government agency Phoenix Foundation tried to bring down last season. […] Even trickier for Mac than destroying shatterproof glass with window cleaner and a hair dryer is navigating his love triangle with agent Desi Nguyen (Levy Tran) and brainy hacker Riley Davis (Tristin Mays). – (OBS: stor spoiler varning!!!)

Säsong 5 av MacGyver har premiär den 4 december på CBS.

Magnum P.I., Ny säsong!

“Double Jeopardy” – Magnum and Higgins’ new clients hire them to find their missing brother last seen on the island, leading to Higgins being shot and TC abducted when a secret case of revenge is revealed during the investigation. Also, Higgins (and Magnum!) are surprised when her surgeon asks her out. […] “Hawaii Five-0’s” Kimee Balmilero and Shawn Garnett guest star. –

Säsong 3 av Magnum P.I. har premiär 4 december.
De 2 första säsongerna går att se på Viaplay (Hittar ingen info i skrivande stund om även säsong 3 kommer sändas där.)

Blue Bloods, Ny säsong!

When Blue Bloods returns in December, we will see the return of Whoopi Goldberg as City Council Speaker Regina Thomas as she and Frank go head-to-head over protests against police brutality. Then, as promised, we will see more of new family member Joe Hill who joins Jamie in a hunt for Danny and Baez when they go missing while tracking down a killer. And finally, Blue Bloods will address the COVID-19 pandemic when Eddie assists a woman whose father’s body has been misplaced. –

Säsong 11 av Blue Bloods har premiär den 4 december på CBS.