For All Mankind, Ny säsong!


The propulsive new season of the alternate-reality series takes viewers to a new decade, moving into the early ‘90s with a high-octane race to a new planetary frontier: MARS. The Red Planet becomes the new front in the Space Race not only for the U.S. and the Soviet Union but also for an unexpected new entrant with a lot to prove and even more at stake. Our characters find themselves going head-to-head as their ambitions for Mars come into conflict and their loyalties are tested, creating a pressure cooker that builds to a climactic conclusion. –

Säsong 3 av For All Mankind har premiär den 10 juni på Apple TV+

Tehran, Ny säsong!

Tehran season 2: Is it renewed, canceled at Apple TV+? The latest

We expect to see Tamar returning with a better plan to prevent Iran from getting the atomic bomb this time around. We saw Tamar moving heaven and earth to ensure her mission’s success in season one. But unfortunately, Gorev’s huge plan fell flat when all the Israeli planes started getting shot down one after another. At the end of season 1, we see Tamar leaving Faraz alive, who claimed that he spared her dad’s life when he was in the same situation. We also witnessed Milad and Tamar on bike riding through Tehran. We hope that Tamar managed to get back to Israel to regroup with Gorev. With the mission failing, the threat continues to stand for the Israelis. This means that Tamar is going to have no choice but to stand up and get ready to go to Tehran and complete the job. One thing is for sure — we will be seeing Tamar and Milad get closer in the second season. Additionally, season 2 will also see several new characters that will help Tamar destroy the nuclear plant in Iran. However, she’ll have to come up with a different game plan to succeed in her mission. –

Säsong 2 av Tehran (Hebrew: טהרן) har premiär på Apple TV+ den 6 maj.

Shining Girls, Ny premiär!

”Shining Girls” följer Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss), en tidningsarkivarie i Chicago vars drömmar om att bli journalist lades på is efter att ha överlevt en brutal misshandel som lämnat henne i en ständigt föränderlig verklighet. När Kirby får reda på att ett mord kopplas till hennes misshandel, slår hon sig ihop med veteranreportern Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura). Den 29 april släpps seriens första tre avsnitt, följda av ett nytt avsnitt varje fredag. –

Shining Girls har premiär på Apple TV+ den 29 april

Roar, Ny premiär!

An insightful, poignant, and sometimes hilarious portrait of what it means to be a woman today. Featuring a unique blend of magical realism, familiar domestic and professional scenarios, and futuristic worlds. –Imdb

It’s based on the 2018 short story collection of the same name by Cecelia Ahern.


Roar har premiär på Apple TV+ den 15 april.

Pachinko, Ny premiär!

Based on the New York Times bestseller, this sweeping saga chronicles the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family across four generations as they leave their homeland in an indomitable quest to survive and thrive. –Wikipedia

Pachinko har premiär på Apple TV+ den 25 mars.

WeCrashed, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

Inspired by actual events — and the love story at the center of it all. WeWork grew from a single coworking space into a global brand worth $47 billion in under a decade. Then, in less than a year, its value plummeted. What happened? –

WeCrashed is an upcoming drama streaming television miniseries based on the podcast WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork by Wondery.


Miniserien WeCrashed har premiär på Apple TV+ den 18 mars.

Suspicion, Ny premiär!

När sonen till en framstående affärskvinna (Thurman) kidnappas från ett hotell i New York misstänks fyra, till synes vanliga, brittiska medborgare som befann sig på hotellet under natten för kidnappningen. Jagade av både National Crime Agency och FBI försöker de fyra bevisa sin oskuld, men det blir uppenbart att alla inte går att lita på. Vem ligger egentligen bakom det mystiska bortförandet och vem är bara skyldig till att vara på fel plats vid fel tidpunkt? –

Suspicion har premiär på Apple TV+ den 4 februari

Servant, Ny säsong!

Servant follows the story of a wealthy Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, who experience a fracture in their marriage after the death of their thirteen-week-old son, Jericho. The couple undergoes transitory object therapy using a lifelike reborn doll after Dorothy experiences a full psychotic break. Dorothy believes that the doll is the real Jericho (it is the only thing that brought her out of a catatonic state), and hires a maid named Leanne, who has secret occult powers.
However, Leanne’s ties to a cult known as the Church of Lesser Saints threaten the existence of the Turners, and the more Leanne tries to protect herself, the more chaos she causes for the family. Servant Season 3 picks up amidst the looming threat of the cult and as Dorothy tells Sean in the trailer, ”This cult could come back for her at any time.” Things are even scarier than they seem, as Leanne explains that the Turners cannot keep protecting her forever, and that “You wouldn’t even know what to look for.”
The official description explains, ”As Sean starts trusting in Leanne’s power, Dorothy feels increasingly threatened and worries for Jericho’s safety. While the Turners struggle to keep their family whole, they must come to terms with the costs of Jericho’s return.” –

In December 2021, ahead of the third season premiere, the series was renewed for a fourth and final season.


Säsong 3 av Servant har premiär på Apple TV+ den 21 januari.

Dickinson, Ny säsong!

In the third season, Emily Dickinson’s most productive time as an artist falls amid the raging American Civil War and an equally fierce battle that divides her own family. As Emily tries to heal the divides around her, she wonders if art can help keep hope alive, and whether the future can be better than the past. –

Säsong 3 av Dickinson, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista, har premiär på Apple TV+ den 5 november.

See, Ny säsong!

Season 2 picks up with our lead, Baba Voss (Momoa), who fights to keep his family out of the war brewing on the horizon. The situation becomes more complicated when his estranged brother, Edo (Bautista), arrives on the scene seemingly intent on making Baba suffer — and having a personal hand in taking away everything his brother loves. Additionally, with the rise of sighted children being born, it appears that those who have vision might end up having the power. –

Säsong 2 av See har premiär på Apple TV+ den 27 augusti.