FBI: Most Wanted, Ny säsong!

Prepare to get a lot more personal with all of the Fugitive Task Force. “Season 2 has a bigger emphasis on character,” Hudgins notes. Widowed dad Jess sparks with a love interest, complicating his relationship with his family, and viewers meet Jess’ divorced father Byron, a man who gave Jess “a very difficult childhood,” the exec teases.
We’ll get better acquainted with others too, like special agents Kenny Crosby and Sheryll Barnes (Kellan Lutz and Roxy Sternberg), through the lens of ripped-from-the-headlines issues, such as the coronavirus and police protests. Says Hudgins, “We ground our team in the real world.” –tvinsider.com

Säsong 2 av FBI: Most Wanted har premiär den 17 november.