Furia, Ny premiär!

On the run from his past and with a new identity, the cop Asgeir moves with his daughter to an idyllic small town in western Norway. A conflict at the local refugee center leads Asgeir to encounter the mysterious Ragna, who has a dire secret too. She is Furia, a far-right writer spreading dark and sinister opinions to a global audience. A tragic murder puts both Asgeir and Ragna in danger, revealing forces in Norway and Europe far more dangerous than a small-town murder. They get entangled in a web of radical right-wing groups and followers – sending them on a journey from the fjords of Norway to a Berlin preparing for Germany’s election, as politicians push polarization and violent extremists try to radicalize, aiming to change Europe forever. –Imdb

Den norska serien Furia har premiär på Viaplay den 26 september.

Ragnarök, Ny säsong!

At the end of the first season of ”Ragnarok,” Magne went head-to-head with Vidar, calling down lightning in an intense effort to defeat him. Although we know Magne survived the lightning strike, the latter man’s fate was left up in the air. According to Netflix’s recent premiere date announcement, the second season is going to pick up where the first left off, which means we’ll likely find out soon enough if Vidar survived and how that will affect Magne’s family, the Jutuls, their company, and the city of Edda (and perhaps even beyond). Meanwhile, as Magne attempts to come to terms with who he is and what he’s capable of, the show will also dig into the possibility of other people having supernatural abilities or be various Norse creatures reincarnated. This includes Magne’s younger brother, Laurits. There were many hints in Season 1 that he was actually Loki, and the press release for Season 2 seems to only add more fuel to that particular fire, noting that he is ”also quite exceptional” and ”views the world very differently from Magne.” –Looper.com

Säsong 2 av Ragnarök har premiär på Netflix den 27 maj.

Welcome to Utmark, Ny premiär!

En norsk dramakomedi som beskrivs som ”kanske en berättelse om otukt, ensamhet, svartsjuka, bedrägeri och nederlag”, men också ”en munter historia om att smuggla ryskt gin, acceptera sitt öde och göra det bästa av livet”.
Detta om handlingen:
Alla känner alla i detta öde hörn av civilisationens utkant. Utmark är en plats där stämningen är konstig och vild, och gästfriheten når inte alltid nykomlingar. När en optimistisk nyanställd skollärare anländer till byn i hopp om ett bekymmersfritt liv i natursköna omgivningar inser hon snart att den enda som uppför sig någorlunda moget är en 12-årig flicka. –Aftonbladet

Welcome to Utmark har premiär på HBO Nordic den 18 april