Leverage: Redemption, Ny säsong!

The team’s skills will be put to the test once more. This time, we have a husband and wife who are running an MLM scam, while in another episode, they’ll need to deal with a music producer who is abusing his position over vulnerable women. That second storyline is sure to feel like it’s ripped from the headlines, but it is a very real issue in today’s world and we’re looking forward to seeing the team take the music producer down.
There will be a personal storyline for Sophie. One of her former friends comes out of the woodwork unexpectedly. Everything will make Sophie question her life choices. –Amazonadviser.com

Säsong 2 av Leverage: Redemption har premiär på Amazon Freevee (tidigare IMDb TV) den 16 november.

Bosch: Legacy, Ny premiär!


Bosch: Legacy is loosely based on Connelly’s book The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which serves as the first episode’s title; it also is taking its cues from how Bosch ended its seven season run. Here is the official synopsis:
Bosch: Legacy follows former LAPD detective Harry Bosch as he begins a new chapter as a private investigator. His first job calls him to the estate of ailing billionaire Whitney Vance, where Bosch is tasked with finding Vance’s only potential heir. Along the way, Bosch finds himself clashing with powerful figures who have a vested interest in the heir not being found. Researching the family tree, Bosch uncovers shocking revelations that span generations, all while billions of dollars remain on the line. Without the badge and a preference for old-school tactics, Bosch finds an invaluable resource in Maurice ’Mo’ Bassi, a tech-forward gadget whiz who shares Bosch’s commitment to justice and fondness for smooth jazz. […] –Whattowatch.com

Amazon Freevee is an American ad-supported video on demand streaming service owned by Amazon, with original and licensed programming. The service launched in January 2019 as IMDb Freedive, before becoming IMDb TV five months later. It was rebranded to its current name on April 28, 2022.


Spinoff-serien Bosch: Legacy har premiär på Amazon Freevee den 6 maj.

Stay tuned #9, Almost Paradise!

Almost Paradise, med Christian Kane i en av huvudrollerna, hade premiär på WGN under 2020 men avslutades efter en säsong. Serien visades senare på IMDb TV och under februarimånad blev det bekräftat att bolaget tagit över rättigheterna och förnyat serien för en säsong 2. Detta innebär att Kane har fullt upp med tanke på att han just nu även är högaktuell för säsong 2 av Leverage: Redemption även den ägs av IMDb TV.

Återkommer med mer information när det finns tillgängligt.

Stay tuned #6, Leverage: Redemption

Leverage är en serie som gick mellan åren 2008-2012, 8 år senare fick vi se en reboot med Leverage: Redemption, som har visats på IMDb TV under 2021. Serien har nu blivit förnyad för en säsong 2.

Premiären för säsong 2 är en bit bort, återkommer med mer information när det finns tillgängligt!

Alex Rider, Ny säsong!

The second season is based on the book Eagle Strike, and picks up after the traumatic events of Point Blanc, with Alex desperately wanting to return to normal life. But that’s not possible after more suspicious connections to his uncle are revealed, when his friend Sabina’s father is attacked by Yassen Gregorovich, a man who could be involved in Alex’s uncle’s death. This scary revelation forces Alex back into the dark, dangerous world of espionage, where he enlists the help of his guardian Jack and trusted friend Tom, to help him unravel a sinister political plot with global repercussions. –Whattowatch.com

Säsong 2 av Alex Rider har premiär på IMDb TV den 3 december.

Säsong 1 finns att se på Viaplay, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 2 kommer visas där.

Leverage: Redemption – Part 2!

Some fun guest stars appear in Leverage: Redemption Season 1 to make it very much a family-oriented show — especially behind the scenes.
Noah Wyle’s (corporate lawyer-turned-fixer Harry Wilson) real-life wife and daughter, and Gina Bellman’s (grifter Sophie Devereaux) daughter will appear in the second half of the first season (dropping October 8 on IMDb TV), TV Insider has learned. And even better: the kids will be acting opposite their parents.
Bellman’s child, Romy Sethna, guest stars as the daughter of a legendary grifter, Stella (Joanna Cassidy), in Episode 11, “The Jackal Job.” In the episode, the team explores Stella’s failing memory to try and find her greatest score before her abusive Elder Guardian can get his hands on it and take over her life. As Leverage did in its original run, one of the team will be playing Stella in the flashbacks, and in this case, it’s, of course, Bellman.
Wyle’s wife Sara Wells appears in Episode 12, “The Golf Job,” as Jennifer, a bubbly clerk at a golf club’s pro shop. Hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) will use his charm to get information from her to help him and Jack Hurley (Drew Powell, reprising his role from the original series) with their con. In this episode, an old friend’s visit sparks a self-doubting Harry to uncover an unlikely client on the links at his exclusive golf club. (This episode also features the Angel reunion for Kane with James Marsters.)
Wyle’s daughter Auden Wyle steps in as his character’s daughter, Becky, in Episode 15, “The Muddy Waters Job.” Though Harry tries to maintain a relationship with her, it’s hard since she lives with her mother and stepfather, Ethan. However, Becky turns to her father for help after a disturbing encounter with a prowler outside of her home. It’ll be up to the team to infiltrate an oil rig and a small-town trial to find evidence that a corrupt oil CEO is hiding a dangerous oil leak in the gulf — which is responsible for illnesses along the spill zone.
[…] These guest stars come after executive producer Dean Delvin’s daughter, Hannah Devlin, appeared in the first half of the season. In Episode 6, “The Card Game Job,” she played Jenna, who suffered from a rare respiratory illness called Swale’s Disease and needed expensive medication. –Tvinsider.com

Leverage: Redemption säsong 1 part 2 har premiär på IMDb TV den 8 oktober.

Leverage: Redemption, Ny premiär!

In this new iteration, and new world, the Leverage crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence. Grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), and hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) have watched the world change over the last eight years. Since their last job, it’s become easier–and sometimes legal–for the rich to become richer and the powerful to squash anyone who gets in their way. To address the changes in the world around them, the team finds new blood in Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle), a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he’d been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career, and Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon), Hardison’s foster sister who has a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble.—IMDb TVcrew

On April 22, 2020, IMDb announced that four of the original cast members would be returning with Beth RiesgrafGina Bellman, and Christian Kane in main roles and Aldis Hodge with a recurring role


Leverage: Redemption är en reboot på den populära serien Leverage som sändes mellan 2008-2012. De första 8 avsnitten har premiär på IMDb TV den 9 juli. Ni kan läsa mer här!