The Clearing, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

A woman is forced to confront the nightmares of her past in order to stop a secret cult intent on gathering children to fulfil its master plan. –Imdb

Miniserien The Clearing har premiär på Disney+ den 24 maj.

McGregor Forever, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

Conor McGregors brutala slag och uppkäftiga stil gjorde honom till en av UFC:s största stjärnor. Den här fängslande dokumentärserien följer hans dynamiska karriär. -Netflix

Miniserien McGregor Forever har premiär på Netflix den 17 maj.

Class of ’09, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

The series takes place across three distinct time periods: The Past (2009), The Present (2023 and 2025) and The Future (2034), and follows the lives and careers of a team of FBI recruits whilst focusing on the transformation of the U.S. criminal justice system, as it is altered by the rise of artificial intelligence. –Wikipedia

Miniserien Class of ’09  har premiär på FX on Hulu den 10 maj.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Ny premiär!

The spin-off miniseries revolving around Queen Charlotte consists of two plot lines: one in the present of Bridgerton, beginning in 1817 with the death of the royal heir Princess Charlotte, an event that causes the Queen to pressure her children to marry and produce another royal heir; the other begins in 1761 with Charlotte meeting and marrying King George. The latter explores the King and Queen’s marriage and his mental illness. –Wikipedia

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story har premiär på Netflix de 4 maj.

Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All, Ny premiär! (Dokumentärserie)

Follows Sheeran’s personal life as he discusses how this trying time has affected him and his new music. It will spotlight how an unlikely child with a stutter rose to fame and how his chart-topping hits were born. –Imdb

Dokumentärserien Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All har premiär på Disney+ den 3 maj.

A Small Light, Ny premiär! (Miniserie)

Secretary Miep Gies helps her Jewish employer Otto Frank, his family, and other Jewish refugees go into hiding during World War II after the German invasion of the Netherlands. –Wikipedia

Miniserien A Small Light har premiär på Disney+ den 2 maj.