From, Ny säsong!

Strangers in a Strange Land

In Sheriff Boyd’s absence, Donna and Kenny struggle to manage the chaos as a busload of unwitting newcomers arrives in town; Victor and Tabitha go on a chilling journey through the nightmarish labyrinth of tunnels beneath the town. (Säsong 2 avsnitt 1)

The Kindness of Strangers

A tense night in the diner as the residents and newcomers wait for sunrise; fear permeates the wreckage beneath the Matthews house, as Jim and Tom struggle to keep a panicked bus passenger quiet. (Säsong 2 avsnitt 2)


Kenny and Ellis make a grisly discovery out in the forest; Boyd struggles with the reality of what’s happening to him. (Säsong 2 avsnitt 3)


Säsong 2 av From har premiär på C More den 10 maj.