Tips: Kardeşlerim

The story revolves around Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel, four siblings who lose their parents due to unfortunate circumstances and try to build their lives going forward with each other’s support. Despite their ups and downs, they are always there for each other. But soon the truth surrounding their parents death slowly starts to unravel and nothing will remain the same. –Wikipedia

Den turkiska serien Kardeşlerim (Eng: My Siblings) hade premiär på ATV den 20 februari 2021 och är just nu inne på sin 3e säsong.

Tips: Duy Beni

Disadvantaged students earn scholarships to matriculate at a privileged kids’ high school to investigat an accident that left their best friend paralyzed. They confront prejudice and intrigue, unsure of who is friend, foe, or culprit. –Imdb

Den turkiska serien Duy Beni (Eng: Hear Me) är just nu pågående och finns på YouTube med engelsk text.

Oklart exakt hur många avsnitt säsongen/serien kommer få.

Tips: Meryem!

An accident on a rainy night changes three people’s lives forever. Meryem and her boyfriend Oktay on the driver’s seat hit something that night. However, Oktay hides the fact that they hit a woman, instead, he tells that they hit an empty barrel. Meryem is an innocent, young girl who is hoping to get married to Oktay who promised to get married when he becomes a prosecutor. After the car crash, during the interrogation, Meryem tries to protect Oktay who was drunk-driving that night and lies to the police officer that she was the one behind the wheels. Not even realizing that this lie will change her life forever, turning her into a criminal. She was just protecting the man she loved and his future career believing that no one was harmed. Savaş, who lost the love of his life just after she said yes to his proposal, cannot recover and decides to find out the truth behind the so called accident. Blinded by revenge he goes after Meryem mistakenly believing that she is the killer. While he tortures her and turns her life upside down the reality comes to light by series of events. Meryem also victimized and cheated by the man she sacrificed her life for, left alone until love comes into the equation of two wounded souls. The story will evolve towards a completely different direction when Savaş and Meryem join forces and start to find the missing pieces of the brutal puzzle. Love blossoms when they least expect it against all odds. –Youtube

You can live with secrets, but never with lies

Meryem (Eng: Tales of Innocence) visades på Kanal D under 30 avsnitt mellan 2017-2018.

Have a Good Trip, Ny premiär! (Film)

En före detta soldat reser till Dalyan för att stoppa en kvinna som hans vän är förälskad i från att gifta sig med en annan, men sorgen efter ett trauma gör resan svår. -Netflix

Trailer med svensk text finn på Netflix!

Den turkiska filmen Have a Good Trip (Orig: Yolun Açik Olsun) har premiär på Netflix den 23 maj.