Dotter från en annan mamma, Ny säsong!

It’s hard to believe there’s ever been a baptism as melodramatic as the one that went down in the season finale of Daughter From Another Mother. More than a few secrets came to light at the occasion, and inevitably tore a handful of relationships apart. Ana finally confirmed her husband Juan Carlos had been cheating on her with Mariana’s mother, Teresa, and because she realized that Mariana knew, she kicked her out of the house. Now that Mariana is out on her own—after attempting to rekindle things with Pablo and stay with him, but failed, seeing that he’d moved on—the next season will likely follow wherever she went, and how she’s attempting to salvage her relationship not only with Ana but Valentina, who she had to leave behind. In terms of Ana, of course she’ll have to deal with either mending her marriage or, more likely, adjusting to being a single mother, as well as maybe letting Mariana back into her life. Season 2 seems as though it’ll also explore whatever the results of her biopsy were—that’s definitely one cliffhanger fans can’t get over. The series could take an even sadder turn, or perhaps it’ll make her want to focus on the present and the people in her life even more so. Whatever happens, there’s more to explore in terms of sexuality on the show, now that Mariana is more accepting of her identity, and motherhood, obviously. –

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Säsong 2 av Dotter från en annan mamma har premiär på Netflix den 24 december.

Tips: Switched At Birth

Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc

Switched at birth är en amerikans dramaserie. Bay Kennish bor i Mission Hills, dotter till Cathryn och John, en gammal baseboll spelare. På lektionen får Bay och hennes klasskompisar kolla vilken blodgrupp dem tillhör och när Bay inte matchar med sina föräldrar börjar historien om hur 2 barn har blivit ”Switched at birth”. Daphne Vasquez lever i ett låginkomst samhälle med sin mamma Regina och mormor Adriana, Daphne fick hjärnhinneinflammation vid 3 års ålder vilket resulterade i att hon blev döv.

Switched at birth gick mellan 2011-2017 med totalt 103 avsnitt. Här finns mer info