Strength of a Woman, Ny premiär! (Film)

It follows Kendra who finds herself in a failing marriage and must deal with her life decisions. When Ben comes back into her life, she is backed into a crisis point and must dig deep to find the strength to take control of her life. –Imdb

Filmen Strength of a Woman har premiär på Lifetime den 17 juni.

Real Love, Ny premiär! (Film)

It follows Kendra as she goes to an HBCU in North Carolina. Kendra is determined to focus on school while balancing work study and keeping things professional with her photo class partner. –Imdb

Mary J. Blige Turns Her Hits ‘Real Love’ And ‘Strength Of A Woman’ Into Two New Movies

Using her very first top ten hit, 1992’s Real Love, as an inspiration, Blige has teamed up with Lifetime to turn the song into a two-part original movie for the network.

Filmen Real Love har premiär på Lifetime den 10 juni.