Law & Order, Ny säsong!

Newly acquainted partners Detective Kevin Bernard and Detective Frank Cosgrove investigate the murder of a notorious entertainer. A dispute over throwing out a confession creates a rift in the District Attorny’s office. (Säsong 21, avsnitt 1)

Detectives Kevin Bernard and Frank Cosgrove investigate the murder of a congressional candidate. Assistant District Attorney’s Nolan Price and Samantha Maroun contend with an extremist plot hellbent on thwarting the candidate’s agenda by any means necessary. (Säsong 21, avsnitt 2)


After 12 years, the series was announced to be returning following the abandonment of its For the Defense spin-off.[…]


Serien visades ursprungligen mellan 1990-2010 men kommer nu, 12 år senare tillbaka med en ny säsong. Säsong 21 av Law & Order har premiär på NBC den 24 februari.

Wolf helped establish the current trend of drama franchises that live in an integrated character universe with the series staging frequent crossovers. The other two current Law & Order series, SVU and Organized Crime have done it several times already, and SVU also has crossed over with the Chicago franchise. With the mothership Law & Order joining the two spinoff for a Law & Order branded Thursday night on NBC, potential crossovers are definitely in the cards, Eid said.

“I think crossovers have been very successful in the Dick Wolf universe, in the Chicago universe and FBI universe. They are a fan favorite,” he said. “So there’s a chance there will be a three part or a two part Law & Order crossover somewhere along the way. So anything is possible in this universe.”

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