Good Trouble, Ny säsong!

As Callie, Mariana, and many other characters are all working to inspire change and lead movements in the world around them. For Callie herself, she looks to be serving as a voice for those who don’t have one. This trailer illuminates that, as you see her taking on more of a defender role. Her personal life is also changing — her relationship with Jamie seems to be over (code word there: seems), and it’s possible that something could be heating up again between her and Gael. Mariana has some decisions of her own to make when it comes to Evan or Raj; relationships will remain paramount to the series, but there are also issues in the immediate future that require everyone’s attention. Take, for example, some of what is going on with Malika with her trial coming right around the corner. –

Säsong 3 av spinoffserien till The Fosters, Good Trouble har premiär den 17 februari på Freeform (Säsong 1-2 finns att se på Viaplay men hittar ingen info i skrivande stund om även säsong 3 kommer finnas där, återkommer om så är fallet.)

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