Ginny & Georgia, Ny säsong!

The second season of the show picks up right where the first season left off, with Ginny and Austin fleeing their house after they discover that their mother murdered her last husband. This is the same night Georgia’s fiancé is re-elected as mayor, and she is filled with joy at his success. In a clip released by Netflix, viewers can see how this goes from the best night of Georgia’s life to one of the worst. After finding out that her children have abandoned her, Georgia loses her cool and throws a poker at the wall. Ginny’s new insight into how far Georgia is willing to go to protect their family fundamentally changes her relationship with her mother. But knowing that her mom is a homicidal Lorelai Gilmore is the least of Ginny’s problems. She has normal teenage problems to deal with as well, like facing the fallout from her secret relationship with Marcus, and the ensuing rupture in her relationships with Max, Norah, and Hunter. Meanwhile, Georgia struggles with the realization that her children’s love for her might be conditional, dependent on them not finding out anything else about her bad-girl past. It remains to be seen what lengths Georgia will go to to keep her secrets now that one has slipped out. –

Säsong 2 av Ginny & Georgia har premiär på Netflix den 5 januari.

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