Bull, Ny säsong!

The latest season of ’Bull’ will see more emphasis on Dr Bull’s personal life rather than a new client case each week. According to co-showrunner Nichole Millard, the upcoming season marks a massive change. “I think [co-showrunner] Kathryn [Price] and I would feel comfortable saying [Bull’s] whole character journey is one of control that is kicked off in our first episode of the season when his child is taken from him, which is obviously the most primal loss of control, right? To be able to protect your family.” Millard added: “And then we’ll see that idea of control for him personally threatened in various ways throughout the season. And the end will be how he can get back to equilibrium and maybe change a little on the way.” The official synopsis reads: ”Bull and the TAC team must call upon all of their collective experience to locate Bull’s kidnapped daughter; Bull begins to suspect the captor is someone connected to his past.” –Meaww.com

Säsong 6 av Bull har premiär på CBS den 7 oktober.

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