Lucifer, Ny säsong!

There will be a time jump. Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson said an interview with ET that Season 6 will begin with an unspecified time jump. 
We’re going beyond the fairy tale ending. Though Season 5 did feature Lucifer finally saying ”I love you” to Chloe, Lucifer writer Mike Costa suggested in an interview with LCL Reviews that Season 6 will continue to dig into what happens after the characters presumably get everything they’ve ever wanted. ”By the end of season 5 a lot of our characters achieve what they want, so the best way to tease Season 6 is to present the question that we attempted to answer when we started working on it: ’What happens after Happily Ever After?'” Costa said. ”Stories tend to end after a character achieves the thing they most want, but real life continues after you get your heart’s desire. So we start out Season 6 with our characters facing that reality: we got what we wanted… now what? And exploring that question makes for what’s probably the most intensely character-focused season of Lucifer we’ve ever done. Which, honestly, is only appropriate for the final one.” […] –

Säsong 6 av Lucifer, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista har premiär på Netflix den 10 september.

Lucifer, Säsong 5B!

At the end of the finale of the first part of season 5,we saw that the show introduced lucifer’s father i.e god. The character of god is being played by Dennis Haybert. The show will probably move in the direction of explaining the relationship between god and lucifer.

Lucifer bygger på karaktären skapad av Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth och Mike Dringenberg för den tecknade serien The Sandman, och som senare blev huvudpersonen i spinoff-serietidningen Lucifer skriven av Mike Carey.


Säsong 5 av Lucifer tog en paus efter avsnitt 8 men kommer nu tillbaka med de resterande avsnitten. Säsong 5B består av avsnitten 9-16 och alla har premiär på Netflix den 28 maj.