Sweet Magnolias, Ny säsong!

Netflix’s official description already reveals we’ll be thrown straight into the deep end with the season opener: ”Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue learn who is in the car. But that’s just the first of many surprises that come out of prom night – surprises that reshape relationships all over town. Friendships flounder. Old loves end and new loves begin. Long-hidden secrets disrupt jobs, change lives, and shift the balance of power in Serenity. Everyone is affected.
”But in laughter and in loss, the Sweet Magnolias continue to fight for what is right for themselves and the people they love – even when those efforts come with a high price tag. Will they find there are some problems not even margarita night can solve? Come pour it out and find out.” –Digitalspy.com

Säsong 2 av Sweet Magnolias har premiär på Netflix den 4 februari.