Servant, Ny säsong!

Servant follows the story of a wealthy Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, who experience a fracture in their marriage after the death of their thirteen-week-old son, Jericho. The couple undergoes transitory object therapy using a lifelike reborn doll after Dorothy experiences a full psychotic break. Dorothy believes that the doll is the real Jericho (it is the only thing that brought her out of a catatonic state), and hires a maid named Leanne, who has secret occult powers.
However, Leanne’s ties to a cult known as the Church of Lesser Saints threaten the existence of the Turners, and the more Leanne tries to protect herself, the more chaos she causes for the family. Servant Season 3 picks up amidst the looming threat of the cult and as Dorothy tells Sean in the trailer, ”This cult could come back for her at any time.” Things are even scarier than they seem, as Leanne explains that the Turners cannot keep protecting her forever, and that “You wouldn’t even know what to look for.”
The official description explains, ”As Sean starts trusting in Leanne’s power, Dorothy feels increasingly threatened and worries for Jericho’s safety. While the Turners struggle to keep their family whole, they must come to terms with the costs of Jericho’s return.” –

In December 2021, ahead of the third season premiere, the series was renewed for a fourth and final season.


Säsong 3 av Servant har premiär på Apple TV+ den 21 januari.

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