Outer Banks, Ny säsong!

”Last season ended with John B and Sarah realizing that they’re en route to Nassau, which they know is where Ward has the gold, so they know they’re going in the right direction,” Chase told EW. ”But not with the looming reality that John B is wanted for a murder that he didn’t commit. John B is one of the most glass-half-full individuals I’ve ever come across, so he’s always coming at things from an optimistic mindset. But it will be interesting to see how he operates with a murder charge hanging over his head and the majority of the world thinking he killed a police officer.” ”The big question is are they going to live this almost like Blue Lagoon-type situation, or is the trouble going to find them faster than they know it? And it is the latter. We see everything catch up to them, tenfold,” Madelyn revealed, adding that things are going to be “much more intense than anybody realizes.” -Teenvogue.com

Säsong 2 av Outer Banks har premiär på Netflix den 30 juli.

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