In the Dark, Ny säsong!

Over the past three seasons, Murphy Mason (Mattfeld) has gone from a lazy receptionist to a drunken vigilante detective, a drug front proprietor and a woman-on-the-run. But now, everything has finally caught up to her. In Season Four of In the Dark, blind anti-hero Murphy must work closely with her ex, Max (Deidrick), her best friend Felix (Krantz), and his sister Leslie (Rendon) to keep herself out of jail for her crimes. But staying out of jail proves more difficult than expected when Josh Wallace (Bhat), a Chicago PD consultant and Murphy’s ex-fling, doubles down on his obsession with Murphy. Working with detectives Gene Clemens (Murray) and Sarah Barnes (Ayora), Josh focuses all his efforts on putting her back behind bars. –

Säsong 4 av In the Dark, Vilket även kommer bli seriens sista, har premiär på The CW den 6 juni.

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