Dead to Me, Ny säsong!

At the end of season two, the duo were involved in a road traffic accident when Ben, who was three sheets to the wind after breaking his sobriety, crashed into them, destroying Charlie’s new car in the process. While Judy looked fine, Jen was clearly struggling, and appeared completely knocked out in the final moments. Thankfully, a last-minute sarcastic comment we know she is, at the very least, alive… although probably not in the best shape seeing as she was on the side Ben ploughed into. Ben will undoubtedly have some guilty feelings over the whole incident, and while noone saw him before he drove off, will be prove to be more like the girls than any of them realise as the incident eats at his morality to tell the truth? We’d expect season three to follow the same pattern as season one and pick up right where we left off, with Jen and Judy once again in a big mess, and Ben frantically trying to dump his car and pretend that he was elsewhere. –

Säsong 3 av Dead to Me, vilket även kommer bli seriens sista har premiär på Netflix den 17 november.

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