A Million Little Things, Ny säsong!

The story will seemingly pace forward from the epic finale of the third season. In the gripping cliffhanger finale of the third season, we see Gary taking matters into his own hands, attempting to teach Peter a lesson. The situation looks quite awful, and the fourth season’s premiere will perhaps end the glaring questions of the fans. We shall see whether or not Gary ends up killing Peter. The outcome of the incident will directly affect Gary’s budding romance with Darcy, so we shall see if they move to Lenox together.After the setback following the closure of Someday, Regina will have some difficulty getting back on her feet, but the course of her journey will be one worth following. The situation with Theo brings the estranged couple together at the end of the third season, and we shall see how the agreement between the two regarding the custody of Theo pans out. As fans have some lingering questions from the last installment, the season premiere will seemingly have a lot on its plate. –thecinemaholic.com

Säsong 4 av Million Little Things har premiär på ABC den 22 september.

Säsong 1-3 finns att de på C More, oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 4 kommer dit.

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