Tips: My Little Happiness

Cong Rong has long dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but her mother is absolutely determined to see her daughter study finance abroad. Hoping that her daughter will successfully settle down somewhere overseas, Cong Rong’s mother won’t take “no” for an answer. Unable to convince her mother to let her pursue her dreams, Cong Rong has no choice but to do as her mother wishes. Or does she? After successfully convincing her mother that she has set off for distant lands, Cong Rong secretly returns home to begin work as a legal intern. Taking on her first case, Cong Rong comes face-to-face with her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing. Now a surgeon, Shao Qing isn’t just Cong Rong’s client, he’s also her landlord and next-door neighbor. Tied together by the ever-tightening strings of fate, Cong Rong and Shao Qing find themselves drawing closer, despite their best efforts. Engaged in a never-ending battle of wits, the childhood friends may fight against the ties that bind them, but how long will they be able to resist the inevitable? –

Den kinesiska serien My Little Happiness är baserad på boken You Are My Little Luck  (Kinesiska: 你是我的小确幸) av Dong Ben Xi Gu.

Hela serien finns att se på YouTube med engelskt text.

Tips: Siyah Beyaz Aşk

A doctor who has devoted herself to healing others encounters a cold-blooded killer with a wounded past. What happens when the woman who saves lives is captured by the man who takes them? –Imdb

When a doctor decides to help out someone and sees something she shouldn’t have seen. Learns that firstly she accidentally helped the mafia leader and secondly he now needs to kill her. That drastically changes as the mafia leader named Ferhat gives the doctor an ultimatum. Marry him and take his last name or die.


Den turkiska serien Siyah Beyaz Aşk (English title: Black and White Love/Price of passion) har 32 avsnitt och visades mellan 2017-2018.

Tips: The Brightest Star in the Sky

Huang Zitao &  Janice Wu

Star Entertainment is the top entertainment agency in China. It was set up by a couple, Cheng Tianhao and Du Wanqing, who eventually separated due to differing beliefs in managing the company. Yang Zhenzhen is an aspiring young girl with a passion for music. She joined Starry Sky Entertainment and was assigned as Zheng Boxu’s assistant. Boxu is a popular idol who is arrogant and unruly. With the help of Zhenzhen, who helped him correct his flaws and unleash his potential, Boxu slowly transforms into a talented singer. In the process, Zhenzhen also gains experience and becomes a capable idol manager. At the same time, Du Wanqing is also grooming a singer, Yu Zirui, who shapes up to become Boxu’s biggest competitor yet. –Wikipedia

The Brightest Star in the Sky (Chinese: 夜空中最闪亮的星; pinyin: Ye Kong Zhong Zui Shan Liang De Xing) är en kinesisk serier som sändes under 2019, alla avsnitt finns tillgänglig på Youtube med engelsk text.

Tips: Dolunay

Dolunay (Eng: Full moon) är en turkisk dramaserie som sändes under 2017 med 1 säsong på 26 avsnitt.

”Nazli is a beautiful young girl who aims to be a successful chef. While she is studying at gastronomy and culinary arts, she also goes to Japanese language course and works as part-time worker in order to support her family financially. Nazli lives happily together with her two sisters: Fatos and Asuman. Fatos is the biggest sister who studies fashion design and becomes the best friend of Nazli. Asuman, on the other hand, goes to tourism school and aims to get married to a rich guy.

Nazli’s cheerful life changes dramatically when she gets a part-time job offer. She will work as a private chef for a rich businessman Ferit. She will prepare his dinner according to given food list each day during 12 pm – 5 pm and will leave the house before her boss comes. Nazli is not allowed to wander around outside the kitchen area and change the order of the house. She needs to be so careful, organized, and tidy so that she could keep her job and please her picky boss.

Ferit is a young, handsome, and successful businessman. He is so disciplined, punctual, picky, and serious. He wants to find his house neat all the time and does not want to see his belongings touched. For this reason, he cannot keep his servant, cleaning lady or professional chef for a long time. When Nazli starts to work as a private chef, Ferit does not know her identity and assumes that she is an old lady. He does not meet Nazli in person because she prepares the dinner and leaves the house before her boss comes back from work. Ferit does not like how Nazli tries to change the order in his kitchen but he loves the food she cooks. Thus, he does not dismiss her.” (Klicka på länken för att läsa mer om handligen, karaktärer och dylikt)

Tips: Medcezir!

Yaman är en ung kille som bor i en av Istanbuls förorter. Kenan, hans bror, bestämmer sig en kväll för att stjäla en bil på en bensinmack vilket leder till att båda blir arresterade. Kenan, som har varit i trubbel förut, åker i fängelse medan Yaman får en andra chans då hans advokat Selim välkomnar Yaman till sitt hem för att ge honom en möjlighet att lyckas i livet och hålla sig borta från trubbel.

Medcezir (Eng: ebb and tide/tide) är turkiets version av den populära serien The O.C. Medcezir sändes mellan 2013-2015 och har 77 stycken 120 minuters långa avsnitt uppdelade på 2 säsonger.

Tips: One for the money (film)

One for the money (svenska: lovligt byte) är en film från 2012 som är baserad på boken med samma namn av Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum har inget jobb och inga pengar. Desperat övertygar hon sin kusin Vinnie att ge henne jobb som prisjägare på hans borgensfirma. Mordmisstänkte före detta polisen Joe Morelli blir hennes första uppdrag – samma man har flera år tidigare krossat hennes hjärta. Med handväska och pepparspray ger sig Stephanie ut på en jakt fylld av humor, spänning och romantik. Varken Joe eller den lilla staden kommer bli sig lik igen…

Tips: Wildfire!

Wildfire är berättelsen om den viljestarka unga kvinnan Kris Furillo.
Kris som tidigt hamnar snett i livet och blir placerad i ungdomsfängelse efter en bilstöld. Men med hjälp från arbetsledaren Pablo Betart, som är volontärarbetare på fängelset, får hon en villkorlig frigivning för att hjälpa till på familjen Ritters hästgård. Det visar sig att hon har en utmärkt hand med hästar, i synnerhet Wildfire. Men Kris brottas fortfarande med sitt förflutna vilket stör den sociala dynamiken och det uppstår både konflikter och kärlek. I synnerhet med ranchägarnas söner Matt och Kenny.

Wildfire sändes mellan 2005-2008 med 52 avsnitt uppdelat på 4 säsonger.