Starstruck, Ny säsong!

Jessie and Tom spend the day in London, but her decision to stay sends her spiraling as she deals with the real world consequences of her grand gesture. With no job, no home and now no bags, has she made a huge mistake? (Säsong 2, avsnitt 1)

Christmas, Again
Having turned down Tom’s invitation to spend Christmas with his family, Jessie finds herself alone. She realises that the letters she wrote when she thought she was leaving forever may have been a bad idea, so she sets out to get them back. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 2)

Tom hosts a New Year’s housewarming party. An unexpected visit from Vinay wreaks havoc, as he tries to stop his drunk brother from meeting his new girlfriend. As their worlds collide, Jessie can’t escape the feeling that she doesn’t belong. (Säsong 2, avsnitt 3)


Säsong 2 av Starstruck har premiär på HBO Max den 24 mars.

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