Hudson & Rex, Ny säsong!

Lost in the Barrens

When a young woman goes missing in The Barrens, suspicion turns to the woman’s boyfriend and it’s up to the team to uncover the truth behind her disappearance. (säsong 5 avsnitt 1)

Punch Drunk Glove

When Charlie’s estranged brother is accused of the death of his recent boxing opponent, Charlie and the team wrestle with the possibility of his guilt. (säsong 5 avsnitt 2)

Run, Donovan, Run

Donovan volunteers to drive his old partner, now a convicted criminal, to transfer him to a new prison. Criminals double-crossed by his former partner try to derail them. Jesse investigates an old robbery of musical memorabilia and snags an unlikely perpetrator. (säsong 5 avsnitt 3)


Säsong 5 av Hudson & Rex hade premiär på Citytv den 25 september.

Säsongerna 2-4 finns att se på C More. oklart i skrivande stund om/när även säsong 5 kommer att visas där.

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